MWTE – Season Two out today!

The second season of My Wife, The Escort is out today. I don’t want to spoil the plot for you so I’ll just give you the essentials:

  • This season sees Jack setting his wife Harriet up in a luxurious apartment so that she can entertain clients while he watches from the next room.
  • As in the first season, each episode brings a new client as well as exploring the relationship between the couple and how their adventures affect them.
  • The first episode of Season Two is FREE today.
  • The first two episodes of Season One are also free today if you missed Season One and need to catch up.
  • All episodes are available to read for free with Kindle Unlimited.
  • There will be three seasons in total. The third and final season will be out on May 8th.
  • I WILL be doing a paperback once all three seasons are out.

Go grab it now!

Cover of "My Wife, The Escort - The Apartment 1" by Victoria Kasari

My Wife, The Escort – The Apartment 1

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“The Apartment” is the second season of this serial. Read “My Wife, The Escort 1-4” first.

Men started to book my wife…

We’d both enjoyed our adventures in the hotel, but now it was time to take things to the next level. I set my wife up in an apartment where she could entertain clients while I watched through a one-way mirror. We took photos of her and advertised her services on a website–soon, we were getting bookings.

But what would happen when her very first client turned out to be rich, demanding…and into BDSM? Could I really watch as he tied her up and made her his submissive…right in front of me?