Cuckolded – My Wife on the Submarine


Things started to go wrong almost as soon as we woke up.

Fresh water is limited on a submarine. Therefore showers are strictly regulated and you get only a couple of short bursts of water—you press a button and get thirty seconds of water to get wet with, then the water stops and you soap yourself up, then you press the button again and rinse off. Showers are taken in tiny booths, one at the end of each dorm, with a damp, canvas curtain for privacy.

The first morning, we’d been up early and Tanya and I had both taken our turns between shifts, when the shower wasn’t busy. Today, though, we’d both slept in. I sneaked in just in time but Tanya, who went after me, was cutting it fine.

The first I knew of it was an angry shout. When I poked my head out of our cabin, I could see a line of men in towels filling the narrow space between the bunks. They all had to go on duty and were waiting for their turn in the shower. And it was occupied.

I knew immediately what had happened. Despite the instructions, sixty seconds of water isn’t enough for any woman, especially one who prides herself on her appearance, as Tanya does. She’d hit the button five or six times in a row and the men were getting frustrated.

The guy at the head of the line shouted again, angry, now. And it hit me, from his tone, that they didn’t realize it was her in there. They hadn’t seen her slip in, and they assumed it was just one of their crewmates.

I could see what was going to happen. I saw the guy at the front lift his hand to the curtain—

“No!” I called, pushing my way towards them. “Ne!”

The guy slammed the curtain all the way open. He was just horsing around—he thought he was uncovering one of his buddies. He even stepped to the side so that everyone could see.

But instead of an angry sailor cursing at him, he revealed a shocked Tanya, her naked body shining with water. She wrapped an arm over her breasts, her other hand going down between her thighs. But it was too late—they’d all glimpsed her soft, pink nipples and the gleaming gold hair, the delicate line of her pussy lips.

The man jerked back in shock, appalled at what he’d done. But he was still holding the curtain, and it came half off its rings, hanging limply down beside the booth. Tanya turned this way and that, looking for cover and finding none. Her towel had been hanging over the curtain and was now soaked on the floor. She’d covered her most private areas, but her naked ass, most of her breasts and everything else was still on show.

I tried to reach her, but the space between the bunks as entirely blocked with men. They only started to move aside when Tanya ran towards them, heading for our cabin. They stepped quickly into the bunks, clearing a path, but the aisle was narrow. Tanya still had to brush against several of them, her face crimson, her eyes huge. They all saw her naked ass rush past, only inches from their faces, for those on the lower bunks. They all watched her breasts bounce under her concealing arm. And as she passed them, I heard the muttered comments. I didn’t recognize many of the words, but I recognized the tone. Lust.

Tanya ran into our cabin and slammed the door. Everyone stood there in shocked silence. The guy who’d accidentally torn the curtain down turned to me, his face red. “Sorry,” he said in broken English. “I not know.”

I nodded tiredly. I believed the guy—he seemed genuinely worried, either because he might have offended her or because he thought he was going to get into trouble with the captain. I hurried back to our cabin to check on Tanya.

She was now wrapped in a towel. She gave me a rueful smile—I was relieved to see that she wasn’t upset. Even so, I pulled her into a hug. Partly, I’ll admit, because I wanted to feel that gorgeous body against mine.

“Don’t mind them,” I told her. “They’re just horny. They can’t believe they’ve got a woman like you around.”

She sort of wriggled against me. “I don’t mind,” she said. Just three little words, and yet…something about them made me pause.

“You don’t mind?” I asked.

She didn’t answer. She just shrugged.

I pushed her gently back and looked at her. She was blushing and wouldn’t meet my eyes. Why would she be blushing now?

“Did you like it?” I asked.

She gave another soft wriggle. The towel had slipped down between us, and I could feel her nipples hard against my chest. She was turned on. Really turned on.

I couldn’t believe it. She’d never shown any sign of wanting to show off for other guys before. I mean, sure, she bounces her boobs a little for the camera, but that’s just in fun—and she rarely comes face-to-face with our viewers. This time, she’d been naked in front of a bunch of very horny sailors…and instead of being in tears over it, she was seriously turned on.

I gave her a questioning look. She’d never reacted like this when we’d been filming in other countries, and soldiers had lusted after her.

“Is different, here,” she said simply. And she pulled away and started to finish drying herself off, leaving me to wonder what that could mean. What was different about these men? And why had she sounded so Volak when she said it? Her English was normally perfect.

It hit me that I’d discovered something new about myself, since being on the trip. I knew now that I was turned on by other men lusting after her. Tanya must have had her own subconscious desires—or conscious ones she’d been hiding. I’d been worrying about her being upset or scared by all the attention and salacious comments, but it was a turn on for her, too.

For a moment, I was a little jealous. But then I saw her drop the towel and start to pull on her panties, and I smiled. I couldn’t really have fun with the situation and then protest when it turned out that my wife, too, was enjoying herself. Let the men gawp and dream about her, and let the captain lust after her as well. We’d be off the sub in another few days. Nothing was actually going to happen.